Land Spreading

LAND Treatment Disposal Option Drilling*

LTAF Fluids – EC, Ca, Mg, Na, SAR, Cl, S.G., T.E.H. (GC/FID for Hydrocarbons)  
LTAW Waste – EC, Ca, Mg, Na, SAR, Cl, S.G., T.E.H.  
LTAT Total Waste – EC, Ca, Mg, Na, SAR, Cl, S.G., T.E.H.  
LTAS Post Soil – % Saturation, EC, Ca, Mg, Na, SAR, Cl, S.G., T.E.H.  
O&G02 *Oil & Grease by Dean Stark (Optional)  
* With every option it is stated that if there are additives or entrained materials suspected in the mud systems affecting the maximum loading rates or toxicity criteria, then the following additional tests may be required. All samples are tested "as received" unless otherwise noted by Guide 50.

MTX01 Microtox Bioassay  
TEH01 Total Extractable Hydrocarbons (C11-C30)(Single Value) including Chromatogram  
DWM Metals (Boron, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Vanadium and Zinc) (includes Digestion and Setup)  
TKN Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen  
For all variations and aspects refer to Guide 50, Drilling Waste Management, EUB, Oct 1996

Landspreading of Wastewater / Sludge onto Agricultural Land


Drying, Grinding and Sieving


Particle Size Analysis (% Sand, Silt & Clay)


pH in CaCl2 (1:2)


Nitrate Nitrogen (CaCl Extraction)


Ammonia Nitrogen (KCl Extraction)


Total Phosphorus


Sewage Sludge To Be Applied (1L required)

MOIS Moisture Wet Weight  
TN Total Nitrogen  
NH4 Ammonia Nitrogen (KCl)  
M3050 EPA 3050 Metals in Soil/Sludge: Al, Sb, As, Ba, Be, Bi, Cd, Ca, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mg, Mn, Li, K, Na, Mo, Ni, P, Se, Si, Ag, Sr, Tl, Sn, Ti, V, Zn, Mg & Hg   
DIG03 Acid Digestion  

Disposal of Oily By-Products to Roads ( Alberta)

O&G02 % Oil +% Water + % Sediment by Dean Stark  
SAL06 pH, EC, Na, Cl (1:9 Water Ratio)  
MOWD Metals (Nitric Acid Digestion): Cd, Cu, Pb, Ni, V. Hg (Cold Vapour)  
PAH03 PolyAromatic Hydrocarbons in an Oily Waste (5 targets)  
OXT01 Total Organic Halides – Oil / Solvents (Optional)  
BTX01 BTEX in Oily By-Product (Pit Waste) (Optional)  
*Note: Landspreading Criteria for British Columbia and Saskatchewan is available upon request.

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