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CCME Guidelines Table-Inorganic Wate

Table 1.0 CCME Guidelines – Inorganic Water

Parameter Fresh Water Aquatic Life Irrigation Inorganics Livestock Inorganics Complete Water Inorganic CCME Assessment
pH X     X  
NH4 X     X  
Cl X X   X  
TDS   X X X  
F   X X X  
N03+N02     X X  
N02 X   X X  
S04     X    
CN (Free) X     X  
Al X X X X  
Sb       X X
As X X X X X
Ba       X X
Be   X X X X
Bi       X  
B   X X X  
Ca     X X  
Cd X X X X X
Co   X X X X
Cr X X X X X
Cu X X X X X
Fe X X   X  
Pb X X X X X
Li   X   X  
Mg       X  
Mn   X   X  
Ni X X X X X
P       X  
K       X  
Se X X X X X
Si       X  
Ag X     X X
Na       X  
Sr       X  
S       X  
Tl       X X
Ti       X  
V   X X X X
Zn X X X X X
Hg X   X   X
Mo X X     X
U   X X    
Sn         X
Organic Parameters – CCME has established a range of assessment levels for a changing and diverse set of parameters. Often the tests, due to the client's process, require specific tests. Therefore, please consult with our staff so that we can establish the best, cost effective set of screens to suit your needs. This service is therefore provided on a quotation basis.

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