Quality Control / Quality Assurance


Access Lab's pledge is that "we must always maintain the highest level of service and quality available to our clients". Therefore, Access Labs strives to maintain traceable and valid services that offer the highest quality results. Adhering to external auditing agencies' requirements, proficiency testing and traceable methodologies demonstrate the way in which Access maintains its elevated level of quality.

Quality Control:

Access is an accredited member of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA) for specific tests since 2001 and conforms to international ISO17025 guidelines. Our affiliate, WSH Laboratories, is a member of CALA and the Well Water Association and is routinely tested in round robin programs. Access has successfully completed several CALA site audits and continues to expand its scope of services. Access is involved in routine external blind sample assessments of proficiency samples provided by CALA. Successful performance is required to maintain accreditation for specific tests.

Analytical Methodologies / Reference Methods

Access provides comprehensive quality assessments as part of the analytical reports. Duplicate, matrix spike data, or certified reference material data is collected with every batch of samples (~15). Instruments are routinely calibrated and their performance documented. All GC/MS analytical samples are spiked with internal standards and surrogates to assess the testing performance as per the standard USEPA methodology. All reports, data, and quality assurance results are provided or made available to clients upon request. A senior chemist reviews all final reports before releasing data to clients.

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