Oil & Grease

Oil & Grease

Access Code   Sample Matrix
    Soil Water
O&G01 Oil/Grease assessment with Methylene Chloride (Pits) X n/a
O&G02 Oil/Grease assessment by Dean Stark Extraction (% Solids, Oil & Water) X n/a
O&G03 Oil & Grease in Water (Gravimetric) n/a X
CCO&G Oil/Grease assessment as per the CCME guidelines X n/a

Volatile Organic Screens

MAH Monoaromatic Hydrocarbons (BTEX, Styrene) X X
MTBE Methyl ter-Butyl Ether X X
THM Trihalomethanes in Water (See EPA Target List) n/a X
VO8260 EPA 8260 Volatiles Screen (See EPA Target List) X X
VOC01 Single Volatile Compound by GC/MS (please specify) X X
VOC624 EPA 624 Volatiles Screen (30 Targets) X X

Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds

ALC01 Single Alcohol (please specify) X X
ALC02 Alcohol Screen (See EPA Target List) X X
AMN01 Single Amine (please specify) X X
AMN02 Amine Screen (See EPA Target List) X X
GLY01 Single Glycol (please specify) X X
GLY02 Glycol Screen (See EPA Target List) X X
PAH02 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (extended scan) (See EPA Target List) X X
PAH03 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in an Oily Waste – Road Application
(See EPA Target List)
X n/a
PAH04 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons – Alta Environment: Soil Quality Users Guide (June, 2001) – 8 Targets plus toxic equivalents report X n/a
PAH05 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in sediment-CCME (extended list -trace) X n/a
PAH06 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (AENV + CCME Criteria) with toxic equivalents report X n/a
PCP02 Chlorinated Phenols (test will be sublet) X X
PCP05 Pentachlorophenol (test will be sublet) X X
SUF01 Sulfolane X X

Qualitative Scans / Special Services

Non-target GC/MS evaluation and summary review - excellent in unknown site situations

QSV Semi-Volatile Qualitative Scan and Consulting Assessment X X
QVS Volatiles Qualitative Scan and Assessment X X
PRODUCT Free product chracterization (C1-C30 with carbon breakout, monoaromatics, etc. and comparison if required) n/a X
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