Customer Services

Access Labs has a Pick up and Delivery Service (within Calgary limits) for samples (call 291-4682).

Sample supplies (containers, preservatives, coolers) are available upon request. Shipment of sample supplies out of town will be done on a "collect" basis by whichever courier our Customer requests. Please advise the account number to be billed.

Samples will be received by Access Labs on a "collect" basis. If possible, the use of Loomis Couriers (primary) or UPS (secondary) is preferred. Greyhound can also be used in remote locations.

Samples will be stored for 30 days upon completion of the analysis. If a longer storage time is required, please contact Access Labs, either by telephone or by returning the Sample Disposal Form attached to the hard copy of the results. A storage fee will be charged for long-term storage. This will be negotiated and invoiced on a monthly basis.

Upon request, Access Labs will send out additional copies of reports and courier out results.


Access Labs is pleased to provide custom reporting formats to our clients. Results can be available in PDF, Flat Format, and Excel by E-mail and/or Fax. Results will be transmitted to our Customer or to the representative specified on the Chain or Custody (by means as specified on the COC or as otherwise negotiated). A signed, hard copy of the results, along with the invoice, will be mailed to the Customer or to the otherwise specified representative.

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