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Business Strategy

Access Analytical Laboratories Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company, which has been providing quality environmental analytical services from its Calgary, Alberta location since beginning operations in the year 2000.

We believe that project-driven service, with a strong client orientation, is critical to any long-term relationship. A strong technically experienced staff provides the service support that clients require.

Company Profile

Access Analytical Laboratories, located in Northeast Calgary, provides analyses on samples primarily for the oil and gas industry, where soil and water make up the vast majority of matrices. Last year we received over 5,000 samples, for approximately 25,000 tests, both organic and inorganic. Our tests range from a single compound to over 70 per test. Other matrices include drilling fluids and waste from landfills .

Access Management Team

Bob Corbet, M.Sc., P.Ag., P.Chem. -Vice-President, Technical Services, C.O.O. 

Bob has over 30 years experience as a chemist in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Studies. He has worked in both private and government agencies and has been involved in a range of nationally-based studies. His experience includes projects in the pipeline and refinery industry, waste utilization, soil remediation, dioxin analysis, as well as in the areas of water and air quality. Bob is our client's scientific and project liaison and one of our client service contacts.

Trevor Ahlstrom, Ch.T. - Vice-President, Analytical Services

Trevor is a Chemical Technologist with over 30 years experience in commercial laboratories. He has set up trace organic analysis at several labs and is responsible for the delivery of laboratory services. Trevor works closely with the quality control / quality assurance officer for method validation, and has extensive experience in setting up and maintaining audited, certified lab operations. He also works with our customers as a client services contact.

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